University Art Battle: Inktober Showdown


For the first time ever, three university art clubs across Ontario will fight for the title of the Best Art Club by doing what they do best — make art! Specifically, all competing clubs will participate in Inktober together. Inktober is an artistic community movement in which to participate, you must make one ink drawing per day for each day of October. In this version, each school will be challenged submit artwork everyday to a joint instagram/ facebook account. Support your school by submitting your art, or by liking submissions from your school!

Ways to Submit Artwork

Please note the due to the volume of submissions, submitted artwork may be queued and not posted immediately.

Submitting artwork is a great way to showcase your art, gain exposure for your social media and represent your school at the same time!

There are many ways to submit artwork. Please read the guideline below before making an submission.


By Email / Club Social Media / direct message

McMaster submissions:, Facebook page

UOIT submissions:, Facebook group

Waterloo submissions:, Facebook group

By Instagram

Post to any of the following tags, make sure you indicate which school you are from.



or message the event instagram with your artwork.

By using this form



If you selected “Other” for school, please include the name of your school in the Artists Commentary /Links Section (Otherwise it may not be posted). You may also include any personal pages, sites or blogs that can be promoted along with your artwork.


Q: Do we have to be a member of the art club to submit art?
A: No, you can still represent the school with your art even if you are not in the art club!

Q: Can I submit more than one artwork?
A: Yes! Submit as many as you want.

Q: Can I submit if I am from non-participating school?
A: Yes, as long as you indicate which school you are from. You will be listed as a guest artist.

Q: We are the art club of ____ university / college, can we join?
A: Yes, please contact Artists At McMaster.

Q: How is the winner determined?
A: The winning club will be determined by a combination of total submissions and total likes.